The Emerging, Holistic Worldview

Awakening and Transformation of Consciousness

Reconnecting to Nature

Health and Healing

Socially Engaged Spirituality


2. Awakening and Transformation of Consciousness

Spiritual Practices

Here are some examples of spiritual practices—both inner and outer, based on the chakra system:

  • Earth chakra
    Inner practice: A healthy metabolic system, relaxed bowels, a relaxed body, good regeneration of the whole system, enough rest and sleep, massages.
    Outer practice: A healthy life with fresh, local, uncontaminated food. Access to nature and community (culture) and lots of exercise. Healing herbs, spices and teas. A good education and job. A healthy economy. A simple, active family/community life. No stress. Restoring Nature. Building sustainable communities.

  • Hara chakra
    Inner practice: Qui Gong, massaging the acupuncture lines, autogenic training.
    Outer practice: Dancing, singing, love, tantra, ceremonies, celebrations. You can heal your own body through humming until your voice starts resonating when finding the affected area.

  • Solar Plexus chakra
    Inner practice: Watch your dreams. Have a book next to your bed and write down your dreams. Follow developments; look for patterns. Do it for a year. Remember: you produced the dream. Try counseling or psychotherapy. If you work in a group, the group also has its process, which will be reflected in dreams. Try expressing your dreams through art, for example a painting.
    Outer practice: Dialogue technique (David Bohm); conflict resolution; helping others to grow spiritually.

  • Heart chakra
    Inner practice: Meditation of all kinds, focusing on the heart; light in the heart, heart prayer.
    Outer practice: Help those in need—be it elderly parents, children, the poor, animals or nature, the sick. Love thy enemy. “The Mother” spoke of the four rungs of love, of which the highest form is unconditional love, where nothing is expected in return. Love because you cannot help it. Be one with nature, animals and plants. Create a neighbourhood based on love or a company based on serving the planet.

  • Pineal chakra
    Inner practice: Notice your thoughts every evening. Let the day pass by your inner view. Do not judge yourself. Are there things you regret? Have you taken responsibility for your thoughts? Affirmation, visualization.  Try meditation. The goal is to stop thinking—to get the focus from the head to the heart. This is done by meditation or contemplative prayer; imagine light in the heart (Sahaj Marg meditation); simple breath awareness (vipassana meditation); Sufi heart-centered meditation; Japa or repetition of mantras; self enquiry of Ramana Maharshi (Who am I?); Centering prayer (Thomas Keating); visualization meditation (Tenzin Palmo).
    Outer practice: Positive thinking. Being there. Read the Bible, the Koran, holy scriptures, spiritual teachers, good writers.  Do as you think and as you say. Be authentic. Become co-creative of evolution. Take action. Think of the whole planet. Act locally and globally.

Painting - by Amnart Klanprachar