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2b. Facilitation Skills: Decision Making and Conflict Resolution
The Art of Facilitation How to Make Good Decisions Understanding and Learning from Conflict

Different Types of Decisions

When deciding on the most suitable decision-making method, it is important to consider that full participation is not required in every occasion. You cannot expect in a group all decisions to be made by the entire group. It would be an incredible waste of time! According to the type of decision, a group might prefer different systems with more or less people involved.

Traditionally, organizations count on three different types of decisions:

  • Strategic – relating to the identification of long-term or overall aims and interests and the means of achieving them
  • Organizational – relating to the way different aspects and parts of a group are arranged with the aim of being more orderly and efficient
  • Operational – relating to the way a group or organization works on a daily basis

Most groups seek a maximum of participation and agreement for strategic decisions, while letting operational decisions be made in small groups or work teams.


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