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1. Building Community & Embracing Diversity
The Power of Building Community Starting Community: the Essentials Finding & Sharing the Vision Embracing Diversity

Examples of Vision Statements

Two examples of Vision and Mission Statements: one from a community and another from an organization:

1. Nature’s Spirit, a spiritual community in South Carolina (United States), expressed their vision and mission this way:
Vision: A world that values the diversity of all life and provides for its sustainability by living in harmony with nature and spirit.
Mission: To create a community in which we work to expand our consciousness by living in the question: How does one live sustainably in harmony with nature and spirit? This will enable us to be of service, share our experiences, and link with similar local and global efforts.

2. Centre for Leadership for Women, an Australian organization:
Vision: To empower women to believe in their own unique leadership qualities.
Mission: To be a virtual Centre for Leadership for women that empowers women to recognise and develop their own leadership potential in a work, community or personal context by

  • learning from the experiences of leaders, both male and female,
  • becoming informed about current leading issues and the individuals who are behind them,
  • acquiring leadership knowledge and skills,
  • undertaking self-evaluation,
  • and expressing their needs in relation to leadership development.



Source: Centre for Leadership for Women
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