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2a. The Art of Compassionate Communication
Active and Deep Listening Giving and Receiving Feedback Compassionate Communication

Making Requests Consciously

The fourth principle of NVC addresses the question of making conscious requests, avoiding vague, abstract, or ambiguous phrasing, and using positive action language by stating what we are requesting rather than what we are not.

Requests are received as demands when listeners believe that they will be blamed or punished if they do not comply. We can help others trust that we are requesting, not demanding, by indicating our desire for them to comply only if they can do so willingly.


Unclear Requests
Specific Requests
‘I want you to understand me’. ‘I want you to tell me what you heard me say’.
‘I would like you to show respect for my privacy’. ‘I’d like you to agree to knock before you enter my room’.


Making Requests

Source: New Conversations